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140 lb. cold press paper (standard)
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You may request that your home be painted Live "En Plein Air", or for "artist alterations" such as: reducing foliage to better emphasize the home, embellishing landscape features, replacing landscape entirely, trees in blossom or adding your favorite flowers. Maybe you would like Jeff to review an old family photograph to reconstruct a portrait of your childhood home. Whether you want to apply future color schemes, architectural components not yet in construction, family pets on the porch, kids playing in the yard, or a classic car in the drive - This is where you WishList :)
Thank you for visiting our website and placing an order for a custom piece of art. Every component of this form will be considered and covered in our initial discussion. An itemized email that clearly outlines the final scope, total price (including sales tax), and optimal delivery date will be sent. At your approval, we complete your reservation by collecting method of payment.